Young Professionals in the Arts (YPA) is a New York-based networking organization founded to foster connections and creativity within the art professional community. It is inspired by and associated with YPA London.

The group is aimed at those who work in the arts and cultural field such as galleries, museums, theaters, auction houses, cultural centers or any other professional capacities within the arts (although not artists or students). YPA unites the powerful minds that keep the arts moving forward by offering monthly events that expand experiences and ignite meaningful conversations centered on working in the arts. We believe there is strength in collaboration, communication, and shared experiences and aim to form a more positive, more inclusive New York arts community.

By sharing common issues and challenges we face as arts professionals, we hope to jointly make the arts industry stronger, supportive and more accessible to new audiences. Faced with struggles such as financial difficulties, capacity limitations and the aftermath of an economic crisis, we know that the support of a community can make all the difference.

It is free to join and while the group is called Young Professionals in the Arts there is no age limit.


Emerging Arts Career Mentorship Program

Help support the future of YPA NYC - by donating to support the YPA Arts Career Mentorship Program, a developing program fiscally sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts.. This year long program will pair emerging art professionals with leader mentors in the field. Make a donation to support this essential program today.