Oh, The Places The Funding Will Go:

The recent political beratement on the National Endowment for the Arts has just about everyone I know alerted. As the largest arts grantmaker in the country the precise impact of the organization is truly unquantifiable. It’s influence is found in community conversations, resources such as free after school programs, workshops ranging from professional development to assisting the elderly, cultural festivals and screenings, and by bringing crucial access to the arts in underserved sectors of the country. 65% of the NEA’s budget of $148 Million goes towards small and medium sized organizations, ensuring that all fifty states in the country have exposure to diverse views of culture, through music, art, literature, dance, and theater. All this for merely .004 % of the federal budget. But what do these numbers really measure? Where does the money actually go and what is its impact? What would happen and exactly who would be affected if the funding entity was cut?

In our new series, Oh, The Places The Funding Will Go, we will be exploring the true reach of the endowment by highlighting NEA funded organizations and programs in each of the 50 states as a way to further illuminate its importance and share stories of its cultural and community significance. 

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