If You Can't Market Yourself...

Interviewing is always stressful no matter what field you are in. YPA has found that when it comes to the arts, different paths call on distinct tools to prepare for each interview. Marketing and Development roles within the arts are similar in that they demand keen communication skills, a personable nature, and the ability to adapt as technology and methods evolve. It involves having to comprehend and sell the mission and big picture goals of the organization to audiences and supporters on a daily basis, and because of that your first impression during an interview can impact everything. So how should one prepare for a dream job interview specifically for a role in the coveted Development or Marketing fields? Leaders Erica Sattin, Director of Development at National Sawdust, and Nella Vera, Director of Marketing for BFV Management, disclosed to us at last month’s Professional Development Workshop: The Art Job Interview a few key pointers on how to do your homework before stepping into your next big interview. Below we piled up our favorite steps!

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Pitching 101 in the Arts

The last ELNYA/YPA workshop brought together young art professionals on October 10 at the Roger Smith hotel to learn and hone their pitching skills from Vladimir Vukicevic, Co-Founder and CEO of Meural.

Pitching is an integral part of every art professionals day-to-day life. Whether you’re looking for a new job, telling colleagues about a new idea, seeking funding for an arts project, or looking for funders or investors for a new production. Great pitching skills will always be useful to you.

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The Art of the Ask

On Tuesday, June 27, a room at LMHQ slowly filled with women working in the arts and started buzzing with the usual sounds of first introductions and the greetings of familiar faces. We all gathered to hear from two remarkable women leaders: Mara Manus, Executive Director of the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA), and Pauline Willis, Director of the American Federation of Arts (AFA).

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